Why You Need More All-Black Outfits

Omar Bolden in Black Dolman Hoodie by REINGE

Omar Bolden in Black Dolman Hoodie by REINGE

New Yorkers are smart, efficient humans. They thrive on coffee—black coffee. Their hustled limbs maneuver through a crowd with more agility than any of the critters that lurk the city streets. But perhaps the most intriguing element of the stereotypical Manhattan professional is the sartorial decision to wear all-black outfits: simple and classic, yet elusive and edgy. While it may take time to become accustomed to the bitter tang of their preferred caffeine, adopting a primarily black, city-approved wardrobe will be an easy transition and an instant game changer.

Secrets below.

Shade Variation

No color will ever be “the new black;” it’s iconic for its cool ease. The only things to consider when styling your all-black outfits are the shades you pair together. Due to the type of fabric and age of your clothing, you probably own an assortment of dark shades. Be aware that when mixing these garments, the difference in tone should be distinct and intentional. You don't want the outfit to look off; that minimal variation can easily ruin the streamlined, put-together magic that all black has the potential to work. On the other hand, your faded jeans that have worn down to a deep charcoal, provides a starkly defined contrast to a crisp black top. Acknowledge the levels of variation and determine whether or not it enhances the overall look.

Maximum Simplification

If the New York power suit does not intrigue you, then you’re probably drawn to the timesaving, minimal effort of an all black wardrobe. You care about fashion, but like the busy bodies in New York, you might not have time to devote much energy to your own style. Simplify your morning routine by building out a few base outfits, which you can easily amp up with accessories and outerwear. Dark skinny jeans and a black crew neck will always look fresh with black outerwear, but the solid palette of this outfit makes a pop of color easy as well. Brown shoes—yes, you can wear brown with black—or an olive bomber jacket receives our stamp of approval.

Color Retention

Once you’ve accumulated the darks, laundry is simplified. No longer must you separate lights and colors. Instead, you can focus this newfound energy on preserving the depth of your black clothing. Take the time to flip any pants and jeans inside out before washing them on a cold cycle, and be sure to skip the dryer.