Top 5 SoHo Coffee Shops

In the same way that athletes need to fuel their bodies before a big game, New Yorkers need to fuel their bodies for the daily grind with daily (coffee) grounds in the Big Apple. The hustle is real, but rather than protein shakes and electrolytes, New York natives thrive on coffee.

 Manhattan, New York skyline.

Manhattan, New York skyline.

If you’re in range of lower Manhattan, check out our favorite local SoHo coffee shops to recharge physically, mentally, and electronically.

Ground Support

We fully support this place. 

Wi-Fi and Outlets: Yes.

What: Ground Support is a local favorite for anybody seeking a casual coffee hangout that makes NYC feel just a little bit smaller. With its rustic wooden benches and community style seating, Ground Support isn’t trying to rush you out. Seriously, they even have a bathroom and a handful of outlets—a true New York City miracle. Go once, and you’ll quickly find yourself a regular at this chill spot. We’re big fans of the Cuban sandwich, the turmeric tonic tea, and obviously the chocolate chip cookies.

Where: Spring Street and West Broadway

When: The answer is always. It’s that good. Just be prepared to share a bench or a table, because this place is clearly a SoHo favorite.

Why: Go for the coffee, stay for the service—customer service and Wi-Fi service, that is.

Smile To Go

One bite, and you’ll be smiling.

Wi-Fi and Outlets: No. Though there are a few tables for a brief feast, keep in mind that it’s called Smile To Go for a reason.

What: The Smile To Go is a fashion magnet in the realms of SoHo coffee shops, but the healthy, home-cooked options make it an appealing choice for just about anybody with taste buds. You tell yourself that you’re just stopping in for a cup of black coffee, but good luck leaving without $20 worth of cookies and banana bread.

Where: Howard Street and Crosby Street

When: Because the food, coffee, and pastries are equally delicious, the Smile To Go is a logical choice at any point in the day. The line will probably be out the door at lunchtime, but don’t be discouraged. Everything is ready to go, so the line moves fast. Just make sure you get there before 5 PM to snag a mouthwatering PB&J cookie.

Why: It’s a fast food option that doesn’t taste like fast food: gourmet and healthy until you cave for the irresistible lineup of sweets.


Prologue Coffee Room

To preface your busy day. 

Wi-Fi and Outlets: Yes and yes

What: Prologue is for the person who’s always racing to work, but won’t consider approaching their desk unless they’ve downed at least one cup of coffee. A quaint independent coffee shop with a clean, simplistic design. Though small, the wooden tables, succulents, and natural lighting make the space a comfortable work environment. Sip on a cup of high quality coffee that will satisfy true coffee lovers. Despite the lack of flavored sugary syrups, they do offer a mean hot chocolate and croissants. 

Where: Lafayette Street between Canal Street and Howard Street

When: Tucked away just east of SoHo’s always-crowded Broadway Street, Prologue Coffee Room is a quiet escape. Even during the work week mornings, you can avoid SoHo’s overrated coffee shop lines and potentially land a spot at one of the few tables.

Why: Prologue guarantees quality coffee serving Toby’s Estate Coffee Beans, friendly service, and truly feels like a hidden gem among many of the oversaturated hangouts in the area. Perfect for grabbing a cup of joe to go.


McNally Jackson

It's an experience.

Wi-Fi and Outlets: No, yes.

What: This coffee shop is meant for flipping through a magazine, an art book, studying, or catching up with a friend. The lack of Wi-Fi gives the space a community feel. It’s one of those bookstores that suddenly makes the biography you never knew about a must-read, that makes you want to write everyone a Thank You note because they sell insanely appealing cards, and that makes you want to completely reorganize your life in one of their high-quality journals. In addition to the vast collection of reading materials, this place hosts events and has a killer coffee shop off to the side.  

Where: Prince Street between Mulberry Street and Lafayette Street

When: Because they are open late (10 PM), it's the perfect hangout for those evenings after work when you aren't quite ready to wind down at home. Instead, grab a tea, a coffee, and a great book.  

Why: The cafe in McNally Jackson serves a delicious cup of black coffee, and their cool mugs are decorated in literary quotes, making you smarter with every sip.  

Le Pain Quotidien

LPQ for short.

Wi-Fi and Outlets: Yes and yes.

What: You may know Le Pain Quotidien for their legendary avocado toast, but the overall atmosphere makes it a top contender for the most productive work space, other than your office. Besides the necessities of wifi, outlets, and a bathroom, this particular location has wide open windows to bring in natural light, plenty of breathing space, and classical music to keep you focused. If you snag a spot in the community section, you can camp out for a few hours.

Where: Grand Street and Mercer Street 

When: Get there before prime lunch time to guarantee your table of choice. They aren't open late, so this makes it an ideal spot to be productive on weekends or during daytime hours throughout the week.  

Why: Whether you're craving caffeine or an actual meal, LPQ is your place. Just keep in mind that they typically close around 8PM.