The Only Jacket You’ll Want to Travel With

Meet the Traveler. Whether you toss it in the washing machine or pack it in your suitcase, the Japanese athletic fabric will keep your look fresh for any situation. Our Traveler made the cut for Men’s Health’s most stylish Father’s Day gifts, but we think every guy could use this wardrobe staple.

EJ Manuel in The Traveler Jacket

EJ Manuel in The Traveler Jacket

Gym Traveler

Busy day? Stash your Traveler in your gym bag before you cram in a morning workout session. The innovative stretch design protects the blazer from immediately losing shape and wrinkling, so there’s no need to rush home for a change of clothes. It’s made to move with you in those daily moments of transition. Switching from sweats to business casual has never been more easy, or more comfortable.

World Traveler

Packing any form of outerwear can be a daunting task, especially when you have back-to-back meetings once your flight touches down. Let this jacket keep you warm on the airplane, or simply tuck it into your carry-on bag. Either way, it will look good and so will you. 

Traveler On the Town

The lightly structured modern fit makes the Traveler style perfect for post-work outings. With a slightly more tapered cut, you get a modern, yet sophisticated vibe that's perfect for date night at an intimate wine bar, or hitting up a sports bar with the guys. Button the black Traveler over a black tee for sleek style. For a more casual night with friends, unbutton the gray version over any neutral henley or tee, and slide on joggers for effortless appeal.