On Set with Omar Bolden: Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot

NFL player and Super Bowl champion Omar Bolden approached the iconic steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. At the touch a button, Future rumbled through Bolden’s handheld Vava Voom speaker, and with that, he was in the zone for his official photo shoot with REINGE.

Omar Bolden wearing The Tunic Shirt + The Lapel Coat, by REINGE.

Omar Bolden wearing The Tunic Shirt + The Lapel Coat, by REINGE.

For the past few months, while rehabbing an injury, Bolden has been working as Brand Advisor at REINGE, opting to broaden his knowledge in business and fashion during his time off from the NFL. Considering his innate sense of creativity and appreciation for the arts, it only seemed natural to complete Bolden's photo shoot in the vicinity of The Met, where the grand buildings and rustic gates backed his presence.

Geared up in REINGE, the team hit the streets, quite literally. Determined to capture the ultimate shot, Omar dodged taxis and traffic with the agility only an elite athlete can possess. Of his six roadside outfit changes, styled by REINGE designers Jodi Ingham and Johnny King, Bolden was feeling the tunic and lapel coat that was paired with the black skinny jeans, all part of the latest REINGE collection set to launch in the coming months.

Get a dose of Bolden’s positive energy by checking out the personal playlist that inspired his on-set vibe.