Who We Are


Grounded in fashion and innovation

REINGE is thoughtfully designed using body scan data as the backbone of product development. Unlike any other brand, REINGE applies analyzed, proprietary data from thousands of up-to-date body measurements in the early stages of design.  We've created an unprecedented sizing standard for the unprecedented body, tackling once and for all, the root cause of ill-fitting clothing.  

Present day fashion is based on World War II sizing standards where tailors hand-measured the military to produce the first mass production of it's time. While revolutionary to the industry, technology and body types have changed immensely since then, and nearly every man as a result is plagued with issues in fit. Athletes in particular--and those over 6’0”--have very few options for purchasing even the most basic everyday clothing items; they're limited to custom, which is costly, time consuming and often lacks in design aesthetic, or worse, they resort to ill-fitting Big & Tall menswear. This is a genuine, but often overlooked, problem for millions of men who have neither the time nor the resources to customize ever-changing fashion trends. At REINGE, we have solved this unique issue using body scan data as the backbone of our apparel product development. Our unprecedented sizing standard is exceptional to the industry, allowing our designer product to fit the modern athlete straight off-the-rack.


Inspired menswear - cut for the Fit.


The REINGE Sizing Standard



We reinforce our modern design with The REINGE Sizing Standard, which is based on a proprietary database of body scans. We measured a range of athletes to get real measurements of real men. The result? We know that an athletic frame is built far differently than your average Joe. 



Most menswear brands rely on sizing standards that are over 75 years old. Instead, we invited thousands of athletes to our studio to hear first hand what styles were missing from their closets.

We then used our 30 body scanner to compile over 400 measurements across every athlete. We took all of those body measurements and translated all of that information into dimensions of actual clothing. From that, we designed our collection and built it for the modern athlete.